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XRP Noted $74bn in Trading Volume During Q4 of 2017


The year 2017 has been pretty positive for Bitcoin and all other currencies. Not just in terms of prices going up, but also an increase in trading volume. Ripple has seen a very good year in this regard. The trading volume of their XRP asset peaked at $74bn in Q4 of 2017. A major increase compared to the $68m back in Q1 2016. Whether or not this trend will continue, remains to be seen.

It is evident the demand for cryptocurrencies and digital assets is still growing. The year 2017 has been quite good in this regard. So far, this trend seems to continue throughout 2018. It is still too early to draw any real conclusions in this regard, though. One thing’s for sure: XRP has not gone by unnoticed. In fact, the demand for this particular digital asset has never been greater. Things have certainly shifted into a higher gear for Ripple. More….